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25yrs of experience
Q: What are some of the key industries ISM has served?

A: ISM is proud to have used its industry expertise and knowledge in providing production solutions for sewing applications in all major manufacturing sectors. With a unique keenness for recognizing appropriate equipment requirements for sewing applications, ISM has been called upon to assist in such areas as automotive safety resstraint, sportswear, marine products, transportation, cargo bags, luggage, bedding, healthcare, drapery, home furnishings, filtration, RV industry and, of course, apparel at all levels.

Q: What are ISM’s warranty terms?

A: The products distributed by ISM are all manufactured by reputable companies. ISM shall make every effort to enforce each product’s specific warranty as detailed by that particular manufacturer. Any product or consumable replacement part found to have been altered, broken, mishandled, or damaged due to improper application, operation or neglect cannot be covered by warranty terms. Normal adjustments and routine maintenance required for proper operation of any machinery are not considered a warranty issue and are the sole responsibility of any buyer.

Q: What should a customer do if there is a warranty question?

A: All warranty questions should be brought to the immediate attention of ISM’s customer service department. Simply contact the headquarters at (219) 844-4422 to discuss your particular situation. You will need to have your invoice number and date and an ISM representative will provide specific instructions based on your individual situation. Its very important to adhere to these instructions as failing to do so may void ISM’s ability to provide a properly issued return authorization

Q: Does ISM accept major credit cards as payment of transactions?
A: ISM accepts all VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. For the security of our customers, all account numbers are security protected, kept confidential and never published on any document. Customers can safely provide and use these major credit cards for their transactions.
Q: What are the specific product lines ISM handles?
A: ISM focuses on providing quality products within four inter-related divisions. Each division will list the reputable manufacturers ISM has been authorized and has chosen to represent. The product lines managed by ISM provide full capacity for each customer’s unique sewing application while ISM’s Technical Center is equipped to provide value-added expertise for total customer service.
Q: What are the geographic areas ISM handles?
A: ISM’s primary geographical focus is within the continental United States and Latin American countries. ISM is centrally headquartered just southeast of Chicago in Northwest Indiana. ISM can ship product on a global basis and our engineering and technical team is equipped to and have traveled worldwide to provide sewing solutions on an international level.
Q: Does ISM handle custom or automated products?
A: ISM has accomplished providing unique custom product design and sewing solutions for a multitude of difficult applications. ISM possesses a unique technical aptitude to assess, analyze and customize cost-effective solutions. Such abilities have been amply awarded as evidenced on our “ABOUT US” page. If you have a certain issue, simply use our convenient e-mail contact page to detail your particular sewing application question.
Q: How can an company establish open-account terms with ISM?
A: ISM can provide open account terms for credit worthy businesses. Terms and conditions of each account may vary based on circumstances and are handled and managed on an individual basis. Simply contact our customer service department to obtain the instructions for completing the process necessary to establish an open account.
Q: Does ISM provide technical training services?
A: ISM has provided outstanding technical training services. Currently ISM offers training in general sewing equipment maintenance within several programs. Preventative maintenance is an emphasis for any training program managed by ISM’s technical team. Our Technical Center division lists all details of specific programs available.
Q: What are the shipping and delivery services offered by ISM?
A: ISM strives to offer expedited delivery and shipping services. Our Parts Depot division offers shipping with UPS and FedEx ground package services. All equipment is shipped by common carrier of choice. All in-stock and direct ship orders will process the same day if confirmed orders are received before 4:00pm CST. All out-of-stock orders will receive expedited service and full disclosure of delivery information will be provided and updated continuously. ISM remains sensitive to production downtime which can occur due to delays in delivery of merchandise and, therefore, makes every effort to exhaust all available options to secure a timely product delivery. Sensitive tracking information is always provided so every customer will be able to closely monitor an order.
ISM Divisions Through its four unique and inter-related divisions, ISM continues to provide value-added customer service, technical training, expedient delivery and exclusive custom designs.
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