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Through its four unique and inter-related divisions, ISM continues to provide value-added customer service, technical training, expedient delivery and exclusive custom designs.


Technical Center Picture

ISM Technical Center

The Technical Center provides valuable training on numerous levels along with expert repair services to assist manufacturers in achieving maximum production. Our skilled engineers and technicians combine experience, competence and knowledge to conduct training workshops, properly install your equipment, offer preventative maintenance programs, and handle basic industrial sewing machine repair. Our illustration depicts ISM engineers conducting workshop training on servo motor functions and electronic applications.

Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions

With a successful record of accurately matching the right equipment to sewing applications, our Equipment Solutions division offers a manufacturer optimum “production-ready” service. Value-added processes in this division include pre-assembly, customization, testing and, in some circumstances, installation as standard procedures and are a testimonial of success and solutions manufacturers can count on. Our illustration depicts custom designs on equipment ready for delivery and installation processes.

Parts Depot

Equipment Solutions

To assure long-term customer satisfaction, our Parts Depot division maintains sensitivity to production downtime by providing rapid and thorough response for the distribution of replacement parts and supplies. With an expansive inventory, on-line computer systems, same-day shipping services, and immediate tracking information, you can depend on the Parts Depot to stay in touch with your production parts order situation. Our illustration depicts standard parts for pattern tackers that are readily available for immediate shipment.

Applied Products

Equipment Solutions

Using experienced engineering skill and an innovative approach to providing solutions, the Applied Products division can customize your equipment to provide production payback. This division offers unique and distinctive electronic and pneumatic products to automate standard operations. Manufacturers will undoubtedly realize a more competitive edge in your production process. Our illustration depicts a complex and automated design integrated with our IN Technology to accurately determine correct label sew placement based on exact programmed models in a safety restraint application.